Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Update, New Adventures and Birth!

A friend of mine IM'd me and sent me off to his new blog which reminded me of my abandoned post here at Republican Lost.

There has been so many things that have transpired since my last post. So here is a brief update.

I am the Region A Director for the Hatch Election Committee. It is an honor to work for such a good man as Senator Orrin Hatch. The work is long, tedious and often boring but it is work I am grateful for and I truly believe we would be pathetic to move Senator Hatch from office now. That has been the subject of scrutiny and I certainly have made more than a few bitter enemies.

I am reading and giving away free copies of the Gentleman of the Senate. Call me if you would like to read it. It's an amazing look at the life of a leader.

You can read more about the excitement over my new job. Here:

Sen. Hatch courts tea partyers one by one in quest for survival

Hatch is working to fix his tea party problem

-insert sarcasm- It's been such a joy on many levels to have such media fodder over my personal choice.

New adventure(s)...

I along with my co-hort, Nancy Woodward, have started a new Utah Federation of Republican Women chapter in Davis County, the Republican Women of Northern Utah.

The main goal is to get republican's elected. We will also hold meet the candidates, host fundraisers, and teach leadership skills, educate about local and state issues, GOTV efforts, and teach people how to run and get elected in the party and other local offices. I am very excited about this new journey!

I am taking a couple birth clients, and I have scheduled in Doula clients where I can, but no more than one a month and none in months where I have too many commitments to the Senator such as April - June because of conventions.

I finished a birth Monday morning for my last client until July. It was a lovely Hypnobabies birth!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CPAC Recap

I spent the weekend at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) with my girlfriends Darcy Van Orden and Sarah Nitta. We had more fun. I can't even begin to describe the level of stress release it offered. Amazing.

Highlights in no particular order: Seeing an old friend, having our car towed, running into Rep. Allen West and having my picture taken, meeting Jason Mattera, Andrew Brietbart, Benjamin Smith (Brietbart Security), Getting nearly plowed over by Donald Trump's entourage, Dinner with Russ Walker and Max Pappas, Meeting with Sen. Lee, Seeing campaign friends in their new role and cool diggs at Senator Lee's office, Meeting with Sen. Hatch, ridiculous meeting with Matheson Staff, visiting historical sites with DJ Schanz, and Jerry Salcido, Reaganpalooza with Peter Schiff, meeting Gov. Gary Johnson and staff, meeting Dale Peterson, the over 50 contacts I walked away with...just amazing.

We had more fun and than I ever expected.

The talks were great. My favorite....hummmm... Senator Mike Lee, Ann Coulter, and I wish I had made it into the panel with Michele Bachman, Darcy's 2 minute activism panel group and I have to say Ron Paul's talk was full of excitement. Minus the two old grumpy Neo Con's trying to argue with the criminal defense attorney I was sitting with, bad call on their part.

The rest quite frankly I didn't get to hear and I am listening to them online! So if you didn't attend you can watch them here.

I was exhausted and couldn't take one more day of it, I would have ended up hospitalized! I highly recommend attending. Mark your calendars for next year.