Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Update, New Adventures and Birth!

A friend of mine IM'd me and sent me off to his new blog which reminded me of my abandoned post here at Republican Lost.

There has been so many things that have transpired since my last post. So here is a brief update.

I am the Region A Director for the Hatch Election Committee. It is an honor to work for such a good man as Senator Orrin Hatch. The work is long, tedious and often boring but it is work I am grateful for and I truly believe we would be pathetic to move Senator Hatch from office now. That has been the subject of scrutiny and I certainly have made more than a few bitter enemies.

I am reading and giving away free copies of the Gentleman of the Senate. Call me if you would like to read it. It's an amazing look at the life of a leader.

You can read more about the excitement over my new job. Here:

Sen. Hatch courts tea partyers one by one in quest for survival

Hatch is working to fix his tea party problem

-insert sarcasm- It's been such a joy on many levels to have such media fodder over my personal choice.

New adventure(s)...

I along with my co-hort, Nancy Woodward, have started a new Utah Federation of Republican Women chapter in Davis County, the Republican Women of Northern Utah.

The main goal is to get republican's elected. We will also hold meet the candidates, host fundraisers, and teach leadership skills, educate about local and state issues, GOTV efforts, and teach people how to run and get elected in the party and other local offices. I am very excited about this new journey!

I am taking a couple birth clients, and I have scheduled in Doula clients where I can, but no more than one a month and none in months where I have too many commitments to the Senator such as April - June because of conventions.

I finished a birth Monday morning for my last client until July. It was a lovely Hypnobabies birth!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CPAC Recap

I spent the weekend at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) with my girlfriends Darcy Van Orden and Sarah Nitta. We had more fun. I can't even begin to describe the level of stress release it offered. Amazing.

Highlights in no particular order: Seeing an old friend, having our car towed, running into Rep. Allen West and having my picture taken, meeting Jason Mattera, Andrew Brietbart, Benjamin Smith (Brietbart Security), Getting nearly plowed over by Donald Trump's entourage, Dinner with Russ Walker and Max Pappas, Meeting with Sen. Lee, Seeing campaign friends in their new role and cool diggs at Senator Lee's office, Meeting with Sen. Hatch, ridiculous meeting with Matheson Staff, visiting historical sites with DJ Schanz, and Jerry Salcido, Reaganpalooza with Peter Schiff, meeting Gov. Gary Johnson and staff, meeting Dale Peterson, the over 50 contacts I walked away with...just amazing.

We had more fun and than I ever expected.

The talks were great. My favorite....hummmm... Senator Mike Lee, Ann Coulter, and I wish I had made it into the panel with Michele Bachman, Darcy's 2 minute activism panel group and I have to say Ron Paul's talk was full of excitement. Minus the two old grumpy Neo Con's trying to argue with the criminal defense attorney I was sitting with, bad call on their part.

The rest quite frankly I didn't get to hear and I am listening to them online! So if you didn't attend you can watch them here.

I was exhausted and couldn't take one more day of it, I would have ended up hospitalized! I highly recommend attending. Mark your calendars for next year.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Health Comittee Meeting at the Department of Health

Today I attended a meeting at the Health Department. I was late but I can assure you, not late enough!

The meeting was to discuss the one room exemption for birth suites. Some licensed midwives, two certified nurse midwives and some direct entry midwives have opened natalocs based on the exemption.

The "State" (health committee) is worried about the reason that women would choose this option for giving birth and are concerned about the "blood on their hands" because women may believe these centers are state regulated. One of the committee members said, "Maybe it is as easy as, we simply make you have a sign stating the centers are not state regulated". Many public members said, "Yes, Yes, Let's do that!"

The woman presenting the information to the committee on the behalf of the State was very anti-midwifery, home birth and VBAC, especially in an unregulated setting. While producing her own presentation she left out a lot of information showing statistical information on the safety and the precedence of care in out of hospital settings. She also incorrectly implied that LDEM's where only licensed to practice in the home, when it clearly states that they are out of hospital providers in the LDEM laws.

She also presented information on Suzanne Smith's website and pointed out that her website was very professionally created and that professionalism translates into competency and therefor is problematic. (Because being competent is a problem...for who? The State or the hospital's competing for a buck? Because it's not a problem for mothers, right?!)

All in all, it was blood pressure rising and grossly misrepresentation of qualified woman caring for their clients in the setting most comfortable for the woman. The biggest problem we face is the lack of understanding that midwives are "with women" where they need to be on their terms and in the environment they deem most comfortable to them. We support women in any position they want, we check them when they ask, or not at all if they never ask. We hold the role of support and guardian and we help sustain the measure of safety as best we can. We also understand and as do our clients that birth is as safe as life gets. There are no guarantees, We are careful cautious and we listen to our mothers. Our mothers are the ones with the most information about themselves and their babies and that is why we offer the best care available.

Medical care is so clinical and so disconnected from the woman and that is a difference that no hospital no matter how cute the paint can compete with and it isn't a model of care that fits with the medical machine.

Sadly, it looks like once again, we are headed to the state legislature. To protect the practice and lively hoods of midwives and to stop trade infringement. We need to make sure these centers can remain open and protect the midwives so they may offer their clients options for their birthing needs.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Does a Brown Victory = a Matheson Retirement???

Look what I found on UtahPolicy today...

Rothenberg: Brown Victory = Matheson Retirement?
Stuart Rothenberg notes in Roll Call (subscription required) that Scott Brown's "unthinkable" Senate victory in Massachusetts "could have significant ramifications. First, it could well produce a flurry of Democratic retirements. If Democrats couldn't hold Kennedy's seat rather easily with the state attorney general, some Democratic Members will worry, how the heck can they win in November in competitive districts. GOP strategists are already compiling a list of possible retirees if Brown wins, including Reps. John Spratt (S.C.), Allen Boyd (Fla.) and Jim Matheson (Utah) and Sen. Blanche Lincoln (Ark.)."

Well, "Of Course", I would say! That is certainly our sentiment and I think Morgan Philpot is that man for the job. Tired of putting the same men in office, then start choosing differently. Morgan Philpot, the man to start returning our freedoms!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010 Obama Survey

I am a bit hot under the collar. I just received a 2010 Obama survey from the RNC. I have had it with the RNC. I offered a donation before we were down to McCain, and then I didn't send it in. I thought McCain was a freakin' joke. He is not any less liberal than Hillary. In fact, Obama makes Hillary look like a kitten. (I digress)

The RNC not only wants to send a message to the Democrats that the R's are still strong. So of course they want your survey to accompany your donation of $500, $250, and on down to $30.00

I filled out and sent the survey back, with a big fat $0 in contribution and a note...

The RNC left the party. Give me Liberty or Give me death, I want my REPUBLIC BACK!

I hope they get the message.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Resistance is futile...You will be assimulated...

VeriChip is a company that sells a RFID chip (and readers) for businesses and healthcare, in fact it is already being used in some parts of the country. Microsoft has joined to partner with their "Healthvault". However, they also have their own HealthInfo website.

I also happened to stumble upon some information regarding another company that Verimed is partners with, Receptors, LLC read it's white paper on it's new little glucose sensor. There is some speculation on conservative conspiracy websites that this glucose sensor smaller than a spec of dust has been incorporated into the H1N1 vaccine. While I don't see the value in that widespread, I can see why some people think it is plausible. It is probably more plausible than the sterilization theories that abound, and still I don't completely discount those at this point either.

VeriMed has had the benefit of stimulus funds. I think the government plans to use the chip as part of the healthcare bill and I think that the governments plan on a "linked network of your health records" is going to mandate compliance and chipping in people in order to best and efficiently care for your health care records. Sure some people will comply, think nothing of it and say that it makes sense. If someone is unconscious, or unable to speak, their records would be easily accessible after quickly scanning them for their records. I even think it sounds good, reasonable and sensible.

Humor me...(side note) Did you know? The United States used to keep 10,000 silos across the United States full of food and stores, things like Oats, Wheat, Corn and such. Those silos are completely empty. There is no food supply. If we have freezing across our plains, a pestilence, a bacterial issue, a natural disaster and our food crops are affected, we could quickly be in a situation of hunger, huge inflationary food costs and starvation right here on our land.

I am just wondering....How easy would it be for our government to stop or limit the amount of food we could purchase or consume for our families? Would they go as far as limiting purchasing only to those who are compliant and chipped? How far away are these movie like scenarios? Are we paying attention to the signs? Are our lanterns full?

Maybe this is just all crazy talk. Much ado about nothing. Then again maybe not...if you really want an idea how infiltrated we already are with RFID technology just go here, I will link you up to the Pharma page but you can take it anywhere you want to go.

Go here to see how Government Stimulus Funds Inspires VeriMed Relaunch

Here to see Stocks jump after H1N1 patent license win

Here to find out if you have a passport after 2006 you already have been numbered.

Here is a brief list of participating companies:

Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Visa U.S.A. and Proctor & Gamble

I do feel like our government has become much like the Borg and the tiring mantra is...Resistance is Futile, you will be assimilated.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Demon's have Done it!

In case you didn't hear the senate healthcare passed the floor today, 60-39. The Senate is the Grinch who stole my Christmas.

The Heritage Foundation made an effort to provide comic relief.

This not an entirely trivial story contrived for political satire; in fact, even early this year, the 2009 opening to an NHS hospital was canceled until “early 2010” for among other items not being able to “[control] the heat of the floor in some parts of the hospital.” In 2008, a survey by the (British) Health Care Commission found that roughly 11 million hospital meals were simply wasted. Moreover, the Taxpayers’ Alliance in England, find that “misguided directive[s]” lead to a “total waste of NHS resources”, and most importantly, divert global health care resources “at a time when people are struggling to get life-saving operations and medication”.

While the US healthcare system is not (yet) the socialized health care system of the British NHS, Obamacare does continue a massive transfer of regulatory power in the health care and health insurance markets to the federal government. In the attempt to bring more equity into the US health care system by granting the federal government even greater power, even an advanced socialized health care system faces great concerns of inequality. This is highlighted best by Steve Webb, MP and Liberal Democrat Shadow Health Secretary, stating of the NHS that “health inequalities still run deeply through our society. People still face an unfair postcode lottery in accessing health services across the country, which bears little relation to need. Health needs around the country would be best met by democratic community bodies giving local people a direct say in the services they need.”

This underscores the gravity of the current health reform debate in the US where the federal government has progressively consolidated regulatory and financing power in health care for the last 30 years. Rather than moving more towards a decentralized system that many in Britain now want (and polls have shown US voters want) US legislators want to centralize more of the power in Washington.

While watching the clip I couldn't help but think about HollyOntheHill's post today regarding, What's wrong with Democare, really her picture says it all.

Since when in America has the government been able to run anything, economically responsible or even competitive, efficient, or competently? Never, to my understanding.

While at a dinner party this past week with medical doctor's, nurses and ICU staff from a local hospital, that though many of these professionals voted for Obama, they are NOT in favor of the impending nightmare of government run healthcare. One of the physician's I spoke with is from Syria and his reason for practicing in the United States was because of the opportunity to provide excellent care for his patients. It wasn't long after being here that he realized there were already shackles in place to prevent that from happening; in the form of insurance companies regulating the type of care and medications that they are willing to provide to particular patients based on coverage. He fears now that once Obamacare is in place, good doctors will either leave their practices, in search for new careers, while others will lower their standard of living and enjoy the life of set hours and pay and accept that their care will be mediocre at best. Then of course there will be the lack of desire to take on such huge amounts of school debt which will detract new doctors from entering the profession at all, adding to doctor shortages and further reduced care.

So, now the question I wonder...Where will the Canadians go to find good cancer and heart health care? America will no longer be able to provide that answer.