Friday, June 26, 2009

Rant not an actual dissemination of facts...Cap and Trade

Or more aptly put Crap and Tax. I can't even begin to believe that this measure of lies deceit and spending has passed the house and is moving next surely straight through the senate.

What in the heck is anyone thinking or has it begun to settle with America yet that the only people running our government is a select few, and that means we are not living in a Republic.

I wonder how long will it take for those women who cried out, "I don't have to worry about my mortgage anymore" to discover, they now have to choose between morsels of food and whether or not they will have heat to warm their children.

Honestly people. Come on, wake up and getting off your coffers and figure out how to stop this train wreck.

Uggg more on this later. Freak!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

On immigration

Why can't we just do something like...Every immigrant must be registered. Registration cost $20 (or whatever govt thinks!) You get an ID card and a immigrant workers ID number, you must provide such information to your employer upon employment. You must also get a drivers license and carry insurance. No free services will be provided for immigrants. No free medical care (the Mexican's have free medical care in Mexico) they can go back if they need to see their doctor. No free deliveries and children born here will not qualify their parents for social service programs such as WIC and Medicaid, unless their parents contribute to the immigration tax payers fund. Which must be at least a certain amount and not over a certain amount (I don't know those numbers) Citizenship will be available from all the regular current channels, immigrants must work and pay their immigration tax to live here.

I don't think we need to close our border, but we need to regulate the chaos coming through that border. We can't continue to be the number one GNP of a Nation that is helping to bankrupt us (not that they needed help with Obama at the helm) but that is another topic.

I don't think that it is heartless. I am a hard working American, my husband is a general contractor and our income has taken a 70% cut in the last year and we had to cancel our health insurance for our own family. We hardly ever see a doctor and yet our major medical policy was over $1000.00 per month for our family of 6, we just can't carry it any longer in this economy. We had to cut just about everything out!

AND NO I don't want OBAMA's Health care, NO THANKS!

This doesn't solve crime and drug trafficking. But we could in act and law you do something illegal and we catch you and you are out. At least it would be a start! Of course we would have to actually enforce the law and borders to make this work and for whatever reason we seem unable to do so.

The American Form of Government

This is the video I think is crucial for all American to watch!

Up and Running

I wouldn't say that I am very interested in politics. Probably as much as anyone else, when it affects me. I am in in the thick of learning and understanding our government, the political process and how I can participate. Because now more than ever I am affected, my children and their children and it seems to me to be due to the fact that we have a runaway government and no one seems to care.

The big beef while President Bush was in office seemed to be the out of control spending on the war. Today, that seems like pocket change. I have real concerns and as I have been learning about this process because of those concerns I have discovered many things. It is my desire to one day have an effect on a government that is so fully affecting me.

I had the opportunity last week to spend the day as a State Delegate for the Utah GOP. I will post about that experience soon.