Sunday, January 17, 2010

Resistance is futile...You will be assimulated...

VeriChip is a company that sells a RFID chip (and readers) for businesses and healthcare, in fact it is already being used in some parts of the country. Microsoft has joined to partner with their "Healthvault". However, they also have their own HealthInfo website.

I also happened to stumble upon some information regarding another company that Verimed is partners with, Receptors, LLC read it's white paper on it's new little glucose sensor. There is some speculation on conservative conspiracy websites that this glucose sensor smaller than a spec of dust has been incorporated into the H1N1 vaccine. While I don't see the value in that widespread, I can see why some people think it is plausible. It is probably more plausible than the sterilization theories that abound, and still I don't completely discount those at this point either.

VeriMed has had the benefit of stimulus funds. I think the government plans to use the chip as part of the healthcare bill and I think that the governments plan on a "linked network of your health records" is going to mandate compliance and chipping in people in order to best and efficiently care for your health care records. Sure some people will comply, think nothing of it and say that it makes sense. If someone is unconscious, or unable to speak, their records would be easily accessible after quickly scanning them for their records. I even think it sounds good, reasonable and sensible.

Humor me...(side note) Did you know? The United States used to keep 10,000 silos across the United States full of food and stores, things like Oats, Wheat, Corn and such. Those silos are completely empty. There is no food supply. If we have freezing across our plains, a pestilence, a bacterial issue, a natural disaster and our food crops are affected, we could quickly be in a situation of hunger, huge inflationary food costs and starvation right here on our land.

I am just wondering....How easy would it be for our government to stop or limit the amount of food we could purchase or consume for our families? Would they go as far as limiting purchasing only to those who are compliant and chipped? How far away are these movie like scenarios? Are we paying attention to the signs? Are our lanterns full?

Maybe this is just all crazy talk. Much ado about nothing. Then again maybe not...if you really want an idea how infiltrated we already are with RFID technology just go here, I will link you up to the Pharma page but you can take it anywhere you want to go.

Go here to see how Government Stimulus Funds Inspires VeriMed Relaunch

Here to see Stocks jump after H1N1 patent license win

Here to find out if you have a passport after 2006 you already have been numbered.

Here is a brief list of participating companies:

Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Visa U.S.A. and Proctor & Gamble

I do feel like our government has become much like the Borg and the tiring mantra is...Resistance is Futile, you will be assimilated.

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