Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010 Obama Survey

I am a bit hot under the collar. I just received a 2010 Obama survey from the RNC. I have had it with the RNC. I offered a donation before we were down to McCain, and then I didn't send it in. I thought McCain was a freakin' joke. He is not any less liberal than Hillary. In fact, Obama makes Hillary look like a kitten. (I digress)

The RNC not only wants to send a message to the Democrats that the R's are still strong. So of course they want your survey to accompany your donation of $500, $250, and on down to $30.00

I filled out and sent the survey back, with a big fat $0 in contribution and a note...

The RNC left the party. Give me Liberty or Give me death, I want my REPUBLIC BACK!

I hope they get the message.

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