Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Does a Brown Victory = a Matheson Retirement???

Look what I found on UtahPolicy today...

Rothenberg: Brown Victory = Matheson Retirement?
Stuart Rothenberg notes in Roll Call (subscription required) that Scott Brown's "unthinkable" Senate victory in Massachusetts "could have significant ramifications. First, it could well produce a flurry of Democratic retirements. If Democrats couldn't hold Kennedy's seat rather easily with the state attorney general, some Democratic Members will worry, how the heck can they win in November in competitive districts. GOP strategists are already compiling a list of possible retirees if Brown wins, including Reps. John Spratt (S.C.), Allen Boyd (Fla.) and Jim Matheson (Utah) and Sen. Blanche Lincoln (Ark.)."

Well, "Of Course", I would say! That is certainly our sentiment and I think Morgan Philpot is that man for the job. Tired of putting the same men in office, then start choosing differently. Morgan Philpot, the man to start returning our freedoms!

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